Hi! I'm Marlee and started Sweet Health Nut back in 2011 when I began my journey toward a natural lifestyle.

I'm the web editor of an interior design and architecture magazine by day, and a health and wellness enthusiast at all times (blogger on evenings and weekends!)

I'm a health-conscious vegetarian, vegan flirt, skincare sampler, beauty junkie, acne fighter, yoga enthusiast, feminist and hopeless giggler who strives to enjoy every last drop life's sweetness.



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{video} :: how food doc "hungry for change" will change your life

{video} :: how food doc “hungry for change” will change your life

I just posted a new YouTube video inspired by the food documentary “Hungry for Change” because it had a massive impact on me. The doc is obviously about food and health, but the final message at the end of the documentary really struck a chord with me and connects EVERYTHING together. Seriously. It connects food,...

Comparing Yourself to Others – Try Complimenting!

I just read this story on Kris Carr’s website called What a Supermodel Taught Me About Comparing Myself to Others. This is something I struggle with on a daily basis. I always find reasons why I’m not good enough. Today I feel great. The sun is shining brightly. I don’t have work, but I got...

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