Hi! I'm Marlee and started Sweet Health Nut back in 2011 when I began my journey toward a natural lifestyle.

I'm the web editor of an interior design and architecture magazine by day, and a health and wellness enthusiast at all times (blogger on evenings and weekends!)

I'm a health-conscious vegetarian, vegan flirt, skincare sampler, beauty junkie, acne fighter, yoga enthusiast, feminist and hopeless giggler who strives to enjoy every last drop life's sweetness.



{recipe} :: my first strawberry jam via Canadian Living

{recipe} :: my first strawberry jam via Canadian Living

One thing you should know about me is that I never get a complicated recipe right the first time. So if I can do it, anyone can! I was really excited to make Canadian Living’s strawberry jam recipe from scratch. I’ve always loved the idea of making jam, but never did it. To be honest,...
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT :: Sweet Health Nut is partnering with Canadian Living!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT :: Sweet Health Nut is partnering with Canadian Living!

I’ve been itching to tell you guys this big news since I was approached by Canadian Living in November! I can’t tell you how excited and honoured I am to have been asked to take part in a new Canadian Living partnership initiative. I couldn’t believe it was real when I received an email asking...
{video} :: how food doc "hungry for change" will change your life

{video} :: how food doc “hungry for change” will change your life

I just posted a new YouTube video inspired by the food documentary “Hungry for Change” because it had a massive impact on me. The doc is obviously about food and health, but the final message at the end of the documentary really struck a chord with me and connects EVERYTHING together. Seriously. It connects food,...
{montreal} :: natural health shop: branche d'olivier

{montreal} :: natural health shop: branche d’olivier

I’m going to start posting more local recommendations because I know a lot of you guys are from Montreal. If you aren’t from Montreal, you should definitely visit and I’ll give you a tour! Branche d’Olivier is one of my most recent favourite go-to natural health and bulk food shops. It’s in my neighbourhood –...
{new logo} :: why lavender?

{new logo} :: why lavender?

As you can see, I’ve started a major website revamp. The first big change is my logo. I’ve been messing around with it pretty consistently since I started my blog over 2 years ago, but I’ve never been quite satisfied with the results. My most recent logo had two bees for a while, which was...
{restaurant} :: mariani's "le vegan" in st. henri

{restaurant} :: mariani’s “le vegan” in st. henri

Tried Le Vegan for the first time at Mariani for brunch. It’s not bad, but regretting I strayed from my loyalty to their amazing addictive burrito.
Life Update: I'm back and ready to blog

Life Update: I’m back and ready to blog

Hi Sweeties! As you may have noticed, I’ve been on a blogging and social media hiatus for several months. I made a video on my Youtube channel that will give you a bit of insight into why I have been absent, as well as an update on where I’m at now and my plans for...
Find your soul workout, then eat protein

Find your soul workout, then eat protein

I like to call gymnastics my “soul workout” – like soul mate, but for exercise. I have never liked exercising. The feeling of pushing my body to its limits has never appealed to me. Sure, I like the feeling I get afterward, but that feeling is mostly pride – I’m proud that I actually did...
Why I'm No Longer a Health Nut

Why I’m No Longer a Health Nut

  I no longer consider myself a health nut. I know that sounds strange and contradictory, seeing as my blog title contains the phrase “Health Nut” — but it actually works perfectly. And I’ll tell you why. It’s the “Sweet” that makes all the difference. But I’ll get to that later.     First, let...
Quarter Life Crisis?

Quarter Life Crisis?

I quit my job last week. The short of it is that I’ve been struggling with lots of ups and downs (depression? Maybe. I’m not a fan of labels). I couldn’t get out of bed. I wasn’t doing my job (I worked from home on contract so I get paid if I complete the job,...
Salma Hayek Confesses: "I suffered from acne and depression"

Salma Hayek Confesses: “I suffered from acne and depression”

I think this is the first time I have ever seen an A-list celebrity (or any celebrity, for that matter) speak at any length about their emotional struggles with acne (though, as I mention below, I still wanted more). Sure, we’ve heard tid bits from Cameron Diaz and Kiera Knightly, but this is definitely the...
Video: I figured out how to see a naturopath for free!!!

Video: I figured out how to see a naturopath for free!!!

… I know… I was shocked too. So exciting! The one I went to is the teaching clinic of the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine. If you live in Australia, Endeavour has clinics all over the country so check out their website for details. The main thing is you have to be comfortable with...

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