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{recipe} :: chickpea & quinoa tabbouleh

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This is a perfect recipe if you’re feeling crummy and need to rejig your system with a delicious punch of nutrients. This tabbouleh recipe is so simple and easy to make, and you won’t believe how flavourful it is. It’s also SUPER light — it’s impossible to feel bad after eating this (unless you’re allergic


{restaurant} :: nutri-mania

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I discovered a new healthy lunch spot near my work that I want to share! It just opened last week and it’s worth checking out if you’re craving something light and healthy — which I recommend in this stifling heat. I tried their summer roll ($4.95), which was filled with julienned veggies and mango. It

{recipe} :: bubbie’s smoky vegan eggplant dip

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My Bubbie is your typical jewish grandmother, which means she LOVES cooking (and she especially loves feeding her grandkids). She gets so excited when I tell her about all the new recipes I’ve been trying out because that’s something we can share. She has always made the most delicious food and, in the past few


Recipe: Butternut Pumpkin (aka Winter Squash) Soup Purée

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Josh decided to buy a massive butternut pumpkin (that’s what they call butternut squash in Australia). He has a slight obsession with it and we buy it pretty often, but I don’t mind. It’s so delicious! It’s also a great source of fibre, vitamin C, manganese, magnesium, and potassium, vitamin A and vitamin E, and rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants. We usually cut it