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{recipe} :: chickpea & quinoa tabbouleh

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This is a perfect recipe if you’re feeling crummy and need to rejig your system with a delicious punch of nutrients. This tabbouleh recipe is so simple and easy to make, and you won’t believe how flavourful it is. It’s also SUPER light — it’s impossible to feel bad after eating this (unless you’re allergic

Canadian Living

{CL recipe} :: blueberry sparkling lemonade

When Canadian Living sent me this month’s recipe (coming out in their August 2014 issue), I thought to myself Psh, this is a piece of cake! I just squeeze some lemons and blueberries and, voila, blueberry lemonade. Ya, no. Boy was I wrong. Not that this recipe isn’t doable, because it is, but it’s definitely


{recipe} :: dragon bowl // aux vivres

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Aux Vivres is one of my favourite restaurants ever. It’s vegan and so delicious that even my non-vegetarian friends love it. I’ve never met someone who doesn’t love Aux Vivres. One of their most famous dishes is the Dragon Bowl, particularly for their Dragon sauce. There’s something insanely addictive about it. I recently started a

{smoothie of the day} :: choco “bad girl” berry

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I will admit, this is not my healthiest concoction! But I’m a good girl 90% of the time and sometimes I just wanna be bad. I woke up this morning and decided I wanted a treat. A girl’s gotta give in to her sweet tooth once in a while 🙂 Ingredients/Instructions: *Handful of frozen mixed