{simple recipe} :: tacos

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I love sharing super simple recipes that taste incredible. I had a couple of girlfriends over for dinner on Friday night and we were starving – we wanted to whip up something quick and easy. I’m on a budget and wanted to make something that’s also kind to my wallet. I remembered that I had


Find your soul workout, then eat protein

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I like to call gymnastics my “soul workout” – like soul mate, but for exercise. I have never liked exercising. The feeling of pushing my body to its limits has never appealed to me. Sure, I like the feeling I get afterward, but that feeling is mostly pride – I’m proud that I actually did

Homemade Perogies from Scratch

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This recipe is courtesy of Josh. He made everything from scratch, including the dough. He’s awesome! Josh loves making food in bulk (we like cooking for our roommates and having leftovers). This recipe makes approx. 70 perogies, so adjust your measurements accordingly Ingredient list: 5 cups of plain/all-purpose flour (of that 5 cups keep