{recipe} :: superfood salad

This is a recipe I concocted 3 months ago after watching Chef with Jon Favreau. I got totally inspired (but mostly hungry!) So I whipped up a midnight meal (to eat for lunch the next day — it’s bad to eat right before bed!)

This is one of those mish-mash meals that are SO easy to make — you literally throw ingredients together and voila! No need to even measure anything out — I try to evenly portion everything, but you really can’t mess this up. A nice bonus is that the ingredients look really nice together, which makes for a beautiful photo to inspire you all 🙂


superfood salad



* kale

* red quinoa

* mixed beans

* bocconcini cheese

* steak spice

* sea salt

* ground pepper

* nutritional yeast flakes.



First: massage the kale with olive oil.

Second: mix all other ingredients above with the kale in a big bowl.

Third: I fried up some garlic and red onions in sesame oil to top it all off!


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