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{CL recipe} :: blueberry sparkling lemonade

When Canadian Living sent me this month’s recipe (coming out in their August 2014 issue), I thought to myself Psh, this is a piece of cake! I just squeeze some lemons and blueberries and, voila, blueberry lemonade.

Ya, no.

Boy was I wrong. Not that this recipe isn’t doable, because it is, but it’s definitely involved, and takes time and attention — but I found that the process made the result that much more fulfilling. It’s definitely not a copout that this has a recipe with step-by-step instructions. They are necessary, and you should follow them!

Check out Canadian Living for the full recipe, but I will tell you now that it involves boiling down the blueberries with lemon peel to a bubbling, goopy purple froth. It gets messy!

I stupidly wore a white shirt. Don’t do that! Let’s just stay it has an abstract purple splotch theme going on now. Maybe I can just go with it and pretend I bought it that way?

Anyway, I strongly recommend you try out this recipe. It’s SO delicious, refreshing and stunning! The deep purple liquid is gorgeous on its own, but pop a slice of lemon on the rim and you’re working with complementary colours. It’s pretty impressive.

Be sure to check out how other food bloggers cooked up Canadian Living’s August recipes — some of them chose to do a Blueberry Cornmeal Cobbler instead (yum!).


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