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I’m not vegan, but I’ve been trying to eliminate dairy as much as possible for the past several years. Sometimes I’ll go weeks without any dairy, while sometimes I can’t even go one day without it! (I love cheese).

I avoid dairy for many reasons. Without getting into this topic too deeply, I don’t believe dairy is all that great for us. To top it off, I’m sensitive to it — especially milk, cheese and ice cream. The one form of dairy I’ve always been able to consume without a problem is yogurt. From everything I’ve read online, this isn’t abnormal. The process the milk goes through creates probiotics, which are actually amazing for your digestion and increases healthy gut bacteria.

Sooo I got a little off track here! What I really want to do it give you guys some simple and delicious breakfast recipes for yummy Greek yogurt. I just made two this week and I’ll share them with you. They don’t vary too much, so I’ll share all the ingredients to give you ideas for what to include when you recreate it. Any combination of these ingredients would taste delicious! The only thing I recommend is make sure to drizzle the honey, otherwise it’ll be really bland (I always recommend using plain yogurt).




* Greek yogurt (plain)

* Granola (I just added toasted oats)

* Frozen blueberries (any frozen berries are delicious)

* Hemp seeds

* Ground flax seeds

* Chia seeds

* Drizzle with buckwheat honey (maple syrup could be good too)

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