I’m partnering with Canadian Living!

I’ve been itching to tell you guys this big news since I was approached by Canadian Living in November! I can’t tell you how excited and honoured I am to have been asked to take part in a new Canadian Living partnership initiative. I couldn’t believe it was real when I received an email asking me to participate — I don’t know how they found me, but I’m really glad they did! I’m so excited to have this new platform to share my stance on holistic, balanced wellness.

My very first blog post for Canadian Living is a recipe you can find in their new March issue, which you can pick up in stores soon. Here’s my experience testing out the recipe for the first time:

I have to admit, I thought I knew exactly what to expect when I approached this recipe. The ingredients are pretty straightforward and, while I could tell it would taste good, nothing could prepare me for the explosion of flavour my mouth experienced when I tasted the final product. I normally taste-test recipes throughout the cooking process, but for some reason, this time I didn’t have one bite until it was ready. This usually isn’t the best idea because tasting it as you’re cooking helps to establish if anything’s missing and prevents over-seasoning. But this time I totally winged it! Maybe it’s because I followed the recipe to a tee, which I rarely do. So I put my faith in the recipe. And it worked!

Something about the combination of ground cumin and coriander mixed with lemon juice, onion and garlic just works! Even my meat-eating boyfriend was shocked and impressed at how tasty this was. I’m so happy this made enough food to feed us for dinner, plus I had two more portions left for lunches. I will definitely be making this recipe again!


Check out the recipe on Canadian Living here.

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