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Aux Vivres is one of my favourite restaurants ever. It’s vegan and so delicious that even my non-vegetarian friends love it. I’ve never met someone who doesn’t love Aux Vivres.

One of their most famous dishes is the Dragon Bowl, particularly for their Dragon sauce. There’s something insanely addictive about it. I recently started a new job that’s a couple of blocks from the restaurant and, while it’s tempting to go get takeout every day for lunch, that just isn’t sustainable for my wallet!

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 1.11.21 PM
The most delicious salad I ever made!

So I decided to buy some of their dragon sauce and put together the rest myself. It is so incredibly easy, I’ve been eating this several times a week.

The Dragon Bowl at Aux Vivres tastes so delicious, but it’s really the sauce that’s the star of the show. I am planning to try to recreate the sauce, but I was too antsy and hungry to try that out (and, honestly, I don’t know if it would be possible to recreate the best sauce I have ever tasted). Other than the sauce, the dish is actually quite simple: shredded veggies and sprouts on a bed of brown rice, topped with grilled tofu.

I have just been using up the veggies I have in my fridge — you can add any veggies you’d like and it would be just as delicious!

Here is what I’ve used:

Mixed salad
Shredded carrots
Sprouted chickpeas
Sprouted lentils
Thinly sliced daikon radish
Micro greens
Sliced cooked beets (I used from a can, but better to use fresh! Yuck, I hate using cans, but I bought them a while back and I hate wasting. Next time I’m going to try grating raw beets into the salad, I think that’s what the restaurant does.)

I use brown rice — it’s much healthier for you and tastes just as delicious!
Brown rice can take a long time to cook, so I use 10-minute brown rice.

Then I slice up some tofu (I use tofu with fine herbs to add some extra flavour).
I take out a pan at set the heat on the stove to high.
I add grapeseed oil (better to heat than olive oil)
When the pan is hot, I lower the stover to medium.
Then add the tofu slices to the pan
Check after a minute or two. If they’re a golden brown colour, flip them.

One your rice is ready, put some at the bottom of a bowl, top with the salad mix, then top that with some tofu slices.

Drizzle (or, in my case, bathe) with Dragon Sauce and serve!


xo Marlee

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