As you can see, I’ve started a major website revamp.

The first big change is my logo.

I’ve been messing around with it pretty consistently since I started my blog over 2 years ago, but I’ve never been quite satisfied with the results. My most recent logo had two bees for a while, which was cute. Bees make honey, which tastes sweet and has many healthy properties. Makes sense!

But the thing about the bees is that they’re a little juvenile.

I want my logo to reflect the tone of my blog: fun, relaxed, feminine, nature-focused, sweet and healthy.

I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with flowers, so that was a natural choice.


Then I started thinking about what kind of flower is sweet-smelling (or even sweet-tasting): lavender checks both boxes.

Then I remembered that lavender has skin-soothing properties, and I was sold.

Another plus is that I love the colour. It contrasts nicely with the light shades of green I selected for the logo (unsurprisingly, I chose green for it’s associations with nature).

I’ve also been learning how to use Photoshop for work, so I was very excited to use my new skills to create a lovely new logo.

Hope you guys like it!