{recipe} :: bubbie’s smoky vegan eggplant dip

My Bubbie is your typical jewish grandmother, which means she LOVES cooking (and she especially loves feeding her grandkids).

She gets so excited when I tell her about all the new recipes I’ve been trying out because that’s something we can share. She has always made the most delicious food and, in the past few years, I’ve been asking for her recipes – and she is ecstatic to share them.

Her eggplant dip is so delicious and I’ve made it before, but it’s a pretty specific and time consuming recipe (hence why I didn’t title this one {simple recipe} lol!), which is why I had to call her up and for it again.

Now don’t let this dissuade you from trying it out because it’s not difficult – there’s just a lot of waiting. Oh, and the recipe is 100% inadvertently vegan.

Here are the instructions, straight from Bubbie:

Kitchen stuff you need:

*Baking sheet
*Tin foil
*Large bowl


*2 eggplants (I only used one but later regretted putting so much time into what turned out to be a pretty small portion)
*1 red pepper
*1 tbsp. olive oil
*2 tbsp white vinegar
*A few drops of liquid smoke (this is what I think makes the dip amazing, but if you can’t find it, it still tastes great)
*A dash of sugar (to cut the vinegar)
*2 shallots (I used one small spanish onion because I didn’t have shallots in the fridge)


*Set oven to broil on high
*Wash the eggplant
*Cut off the stem
*Slice the eggplant in half, vertically from the stem down
*Take out your baking sheet and line with tin foil
*Lay flat part of eggplant down on the tin foil-covered baking sheet
*Place in the oven and broil for 30 mins (set a timer!)


*After 30 mins are up, remove and set the sheet on the stove top
*Use tongs or two utensils to flip the eggplants over
*Take out your large bowl and colander
*Place the colander in the bowl (we’re going to be draining the eggplant so it tastes less bitter)
*Scoop out all the insides and put in colander
*Sprinkle the eggplant with salt – this helps to drain the liquid out into the bowl
*I spread the eggplant around the colander in as thin a layer as possible so it drains easier
*Let sit for 30 mins to drain (set a timer again!)


*When the 30 mins are up, scoop the eggplant a put in a separate bowl (not the one with all the liquid, of course!)
*Mash it up well so it’s smooth (I used a stick blender – I found it worked extremely well)
*Add the white vinegar (can add a little, mix and test the flavour and add very small amounts until you’re happy)
*Add the olive oil
*Add a couple of drops of liquid smoke to taste (I like my dip smoky so I add about 6 drops, but that’s double what Bubbie recommended for one eggplant! The liquid smoke is potent)


*Dice the red pepper into very small pieces
*Chop up the shallots including the green (in my case, the spanish onion – but not everyone likes raw onions so be careful and make sure you like it first!)

Then FINALLY, you’re done!!!


Enjoy 🙂

Love from Marlee and Bubbie


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