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I love sharing super simple recipes that taste incredible.

I had a couple of girlfriends over for dinner on Friday night and we were starving – we wanted to whip up something quick and easy.

I’m on a budget and wanted to make something that’s also kind to my wallet. I remembered that I had Yves veggie ground beef in my freezer and some taco shells so I got my friends to bring over a few ingredients I was missing and we were good to go.

Serves 3 (3 tacos each)

* 1 pack Yves veggie ground beef (I haven’t tried any other brands but I’m so happy with this one – even my meat-eating friends were shocked by how meat-like it is)
* Taco shells and kit. I get the Old El Paso brand with flat-bottom shells. It also comes with sauce (which is like smooth salsa, but I didn’t use it) and seasoning to add to the ground beef while cooking, which was delicious.
* Lettuce
* Salsa
* Sour cream
* Guacamole (I mashed two avocados with some lime and garlic… Yummm!!)
* Cheese

Go vegan and nix the sour cream and cheese – I did and it was still amazing!!

Instructions (I feel kind of silly even including these, but whatever!):
* Taco shells are often lacking some crunch after sitting on the shelves in the grocery store for god-knows how long. Easy fix: pop them on a baking tray and put them in the oven at 350 for 8 minutes. This crisps them right up.
* Empty the packet of ground beef in a pan and heat on medium. Cover the pan to distribute heat more quickly and stir every once in a while. (If you’re adding seasoning from the El Paso kit, follow the instructions on the box).

The rest is pretty self-explanatory! Fill your taco as you please, but careful: the shells are delicate!

Tonight, one of my friends was still going on about how delicious the tacos were. It’s a fun dinner idea to make with friends, fairly healthy and delicious.

Enjoy 🙂

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