Skincare Time Warp: Going off acne prescriptions + crazy experimentation = finally learned my lesson

Get ready for a blast from the past. Here is a post from my tumblr account from exactly one year ago! Ahhhh time flies and it’s freaking me out! I can’t believe how far I’ve come, but in the same breath, I feel like literally no time has passed. I’ve successfully done away with my skin-shocking techniques (because it was clearly a greeaat idea for my skin…. NOT) and I have managed to stay relatively consistent with simple skincare routines (admittedly, I swap in new products every now and then, but I guess you have to live dangerously every once in a while. Oh boy, it’s frightening that that’s my idea of danger). Alright, before I get even more off-track, here’s everything you would ever need to know about my skincare experimentation post elimination of my topical acne prescriptions. Enjoy!


Since going natural, I’ve done my fair share of experimenting with crazy concoctions of homemade skincare products to help deal with my skin woes.


I started by just going off my topical prescription that I had been on since I was 14. My skin was decent when I did this but, for some reason, I decided to try out some different things. I went to see a naturopath and she recommended trying a Clinique toner and Retin-A micro cream. She really believes in combining natural remedies with western medication. I decided to give it a go and that was a very bad idea. My skin started freaking out so I started freaking out and that’s when it all went awry.


I tried using hydrogen peroxide on my skin… probably not a great idea. Then I discovered that ingredients in your kitchen can be used to make homemade products. I combined yogurt, honey, cinnamon and turmeric and used it as a cleanser or a mask. Then I read about the benefits of manuka honey, which derives from a plant that is only available in New Zealand, but I found it in my local farmer’s market. I started using the honey obsessively as a face wash, and as a mask and spot treatment.


You can see why my skin was so confused and acting out like a hormonal teenager. I’ve realized that my skin appreciates consistency. I went into a natural health store one day and there was a makeup artist who comes in every once in a while and we really hit it off. She said she wanted to talk to me about skincare before she would even begin to talk to me about makeup. She said she had struggled with breakouts for a while and told me her regimen that she says has worked on everyone she has ever recommended it to. It consists of Earth Science’s A-D-E Creamy Cleanser, rosewater spray as a toner and a serum to moisturize. She also said to go to the drugstore and buy Benzol Peroxide to spot treat. I decided then and there that I needed to stay consistent and see what happens.


The problem is that I’m very against using Benzol Peroxide. Other people can do what they want, no judgement here, but I mean for myself. I want to be off harsh chemicals for good. I want to nurture my skin and love my skin and give it care instead of trying to kill it and make it raw and red, like I had been doing all my life.


I forgot that I ordered a free sample of Lerosett by Gunilla of Sweden. This is a clay that is organic and natural and they say that if used correctly there’s no reason why it shouldn’t help.


I decided to use this in my regimen instead of the Benzol Peroxide. I’ve been using it for a little while and I have definitely seen some improvement, but not enough. I’m really antsy and I just want this problem solved. I’m normally a really patient person, but not with this. Gunilla of Sweden has been around since 1985 but they don’t really promote themselves very much (at least in Canada they don’t). According to their website, the clay is “100% Free of drugs, oils, toxins, alcohol, added chemicals and everything else you don’t want like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur, animal products, petroleum, soaps, parabens, detergents, dyes, perfumes and it’s hypo-allergenic!”


I’m almost done the tube of clay and I’m not satisfied, so yesterday I called the customer service line. I have to say, I’m so impressed with their customer service. Backtracking a bit, I had previously called them when I received the tube because it seemed like the clay had kind of separated. I looked it up and I realized that extreme cold can cause the clay to separate and it must have frozen when it was delivered to my house. So I called customer service and she send me a brand new one free of charge… I didn’t even have to pay shipping.


So, anyway, yesterday I called and it rang twice before a lady picked up. No “press 1 to bla bla bla,” or “please hold and a representative will be with you shortly.” It’s sad that quick and helpful customer service is actually really impressive when it should be the norm. I told her that I was almost done my tube and I wasn’t satisfied with my results. She said that she had a bunch of tubes with dents in them that couldn’t be sold, but the clay was perfectly fine and she could send that to me for free. Then I told her that I saw on their website that if you sign up for their clinical study I could get all my products for free. She told me to send her some pictures for the “before” pictures and she would be able to recommend a regimen for me. I sent her the photos a few hours later and she replied this morning that she was sending me a plethora of products to try and gave me a specific regimen to follow according to my personal needs. She also said that I should send pictures when I finish all the products so she could see my improvement and see if she had any new additional recommendations. I know that my ugly before pictures might end up on their website if I so choose, but honestly, if I have good results, I’ll let them and I won’t mind because I would want to totally support this company. And plus, she said she would definitely get my permission beforehand (I know that I couldn’t handle them being up there now, in my current emotional state). This way, when I’m finally confident in my own skin, I’ll be ready to show my previously acne-ridden face to the world.


So far, I am beyond impressed with the professionalism and service I have received from this company (particularly the girl I’ve been dealing with, Lacey). I still haven’t paid for anything except the original $3 shipping fee. And even so, the clay is only $34 and lasts at least a month (and it comes with a free moisturizer).


I just wanted to share my experience with this company because I’ve never been treated so well as a customer before and I’m just so impressed.


I just need to add that I ended up having a pretty traumatic experience with this company in the past few months. I still support their product as I think they offer a great natural acne-fighting solution, but I was very disappointed with how they handled a specific extremely sensitive situation (i.e. posting the pre-treatment photos of my face, up close and personal, sans makeup, without my permission. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but if you see the extreme nature of the pictures knowing how my acne contributed to my anxiety and depression, you’d understand). I have to add that the girl I was originally dealing with, Lacey, was amazing about everything, but she actually moved on to another company and I had to deal with some not-so-understanding people who really pissed me off. The company did end up taking the pictures down, but they were very insensitive throughout the whole process of trying to get them down. This will be an entire post on its own so I can explain the details. I may even post those pictures eventually. I haven’t decided yet.

Take care everyone.






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