MUA Lisa Eldridge’s Skincare Tips

I was totally captivated by this video. I love the fact that she has so many years of experience and has tried so many different products, so she really knows her stuff (besides the fact that she’s a makeup artist).

I know, many of the products she talks about aren’t natural, but there are a couple of reasons why this video is super helpful:

#1 You can learn a lot from her explanations on why she likes certain products, i.e. lactic acid, which is a natural exfoliant she raves about. I did some research and you actually get the benefits by using yogurt on your face (a post on that to come).

#2 She wrote in the explanation under the video that she suffered from acne in her 20s and still has acne-prone skin, so that gives her a couple of more credibility points in my eyes in terms of her fave products being of any use to me. I also love her philosophy, which is very similar to what I believe – never strip your skin, always nourish it. She is adamantly against scrubbing your skin or using anything harsh at all. I love that.

#3 Through my skincare journey the past few months (wow that sounds lame, but you know what I mean), I’ve discovered that, yes, I definitely want to try to stay as natural as possible, BUT I don’t wan’t to go back to being obsessed. That isn’t healthy. It’s ok to use commercial products. I do believe it’s better to use as many natural products as possible, but there are products out there that are awesome and gentle (like the Bioderma makeup remover. She really sold that to me… though I definitely won’t be abandoning my beloved jojoba oil, but I now have something else to consider as an alternative). Also, natural health can be expensive to maintain 100% and I don’t believe that natural health (or anything, for that mater) NEEDS to be all or nothing (IMO). This is just my own little epiphany!

So have a look. She also has a part 2, which you can check out on her youtube channel.


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