Eurotrip: Barcelona – sick way to start Spain

I didn’t realize it would be so hard to find time to blog. I ambitiously thought I could write a post every day, or at least every few days. I realize now that when you’re traveling to new places for the first time, you really don’t want to sit in your hostel/hotel/B&B on your laptop when there’s a whole world to explore outside.


You might be wondering, why, then, am I writing this blog post now? Well, it’s actually for a very unfortunate reason. I got sick. I am currently feeling well enough to write, but only a few short hours ago, I was running back and forth between my bedroom and ensuite bathroom every 10 minutes. Luckily, we decided to splurge on a bed and breakfast in Barcelona and we are staying in the most beautiful accommodation I have ever stayed at. It has so much character, it is so beautifully decorated and is immaculately clean. If I had to get sick anywhere, it would be here (the B&B, I mean, not Barcelona!)


The cause? Unknown. I have tried to retrace my steps but to no avail. Was it that random seafood/fish tapas I got last night? Was it the water? My research has indicated that water in Barcelona may not be pleasant, but it is safe.


To make matters worse, I actually woke up sick with an extremely sore throat in Dublin 2 days ago, but it was feeling much better this morning. And anyway, once the gastro problems began shortly after breakfast, I didn’t even notice my throat pain anymore.


So much has happened between my last post and now that I can’t possibly include it all in this blog post. Next time I have a moment, I’ll make another post detailing my experience in Ireland.


To bring you up-to-date, I arrived in Barcelona last night around 10pm with Tamara. We’re spending the next week in Spain and Portugal with Amy, who has been traveling through Europe solo for the last 4 weeks. It’s so nice to see her and I’m so glad that Tamara has Amy to tour with today while I’m sick. I’m disappointed that I wasted a day in Barcelona, but luckily we’re here for two more full days and we’re only leaving late on Friday for Madrid. The weather predictions are pretty grim (rain again! As if we didn’t have enough rain in London!) but we’ll keep our spirits up.


We booked a bike tour for Thursday to see all the sites and I’m so excited for that! After having a Bixi pass in Montreal for the past few months, I discovered my love for biking. I’m really happy I found some other sort of physical activity I enjoy because my list is pretty short!


I’m including pictures of the B&B we’re staying at. It’s called Belle Epoque 1904. It’s owned by a young couple named Milena and Xavier who have a little 8-month-old baby. They are very nice and I’m just so impressed overall. They do speak pretty limited English, but we make do. Also, miming and hand signals work wonders.



Next blog, I’ll go back to Dublin and explain how we ended up staying in a random village called Swords for our last night (this was not in the plan!)


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